full planning & coordinating

Over 5900 luxury, exclusive, extraordinary weddings planned 

since 1991 assisting clients in making their dreams come true in Colorado, Utah, Nashville, Ashville NC, Reno, Capri Italy, Paris and more.  Our weddings range between $350 per person to $950 per person.


$150 per hour

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full event planning & coordinating

*private events        *theme parties

*corporate events    *prom and more

Well over 4900 successful custom private events, corporate events planned since 1991; from baby showers, golf tournaments, themed events, murder mysteries and more.  20 people - 2000+ people in attendance.  Our events range between $150 per person to $450 per person.


$150 per hour

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Our Clients

Past & Present

(Event pics never shared unless approved by client.  All personal pictures (pictures of you & your guests) nor event details are never shared.)

  • The Avs Patrick Roy 

  • The Avs Joe Sakic

  • John Elway     

  • Janet Elway  

  • Lannie Garret

  • Bronco's TJ Ward    

  • H.B. & Heidi Erickson


Corporate Clients

  • ​Ping  Identity      

  • Thollot Diamonds

  • Harlequin Romance Novels

  • Betteridge Vail   

  • Fastley Inc.   

  • Heritage H.S. / Littleton Public Schools

  • Arapahoe Public Schools

  • Douglas County Public Schools  

  • Exhilarate Events

  • AgRisk Advisors    

  • Apex Transportation

  • Slack-Corp  

  • Holland Partner Group

just to name a few

$150 per hour

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