Invest in your custom event or wedding. 

$150 / 1 hour initial consult and proposal creation fee. This fee does go towards your total event planning costs, upon hiring us, you will see this cost deducted from your total.

All services provided hourly so you only pay for what you need!





Decor Set Up & Take Down

Hourly $35 an hour per person necessary to make your custom show stopping decor, plus the costs of supplies.


Total costs of decor elements depend upon if we have already created your vision or another client and you're just renting it or need to custom create for your vision.  A majority of decor we have and use for events that you cannot run out and purchase at a local store. Items such as old west town building facades, Eiffel tower, Paris cafes, life sized rearing horses and more. Costs will include the overall amount of work involved and hard costs of items to be brought in.  Custom decor work takes time and requires a minimum of thirty days in advance of your event.

Travel & Honeymoon

We have an awesome travel and honeymoon expert who when you start with her from the beginning stages can save you thousands of $$$ not to mention hours of research time.  Best of all - her services cost you nothing! 
That's right. Shes a must have luxury with a $0 price tag.

Financing is available for both events & weddings!

The cost of the average 2016 wedding with 100 attendees was $35,329, and the cost has only climbed in the last couple years. It’s the highest recorded average, and a heavy price to pay to walk down the aisle. It’s one that most people can’t float even with savings. 


That said, we do have awesome cost saving options. Since 1991 we have done hundreds of weddings ranging from $9000. to $220K, most averaging $55,000 - $95,000. for everything: (rings, dress, venue, rentals, cake, flowers, tux, food, beverages, liquor, decor, wedding planning, and day of coordination.)  


To finance these costs, many couples turn to wedding loans. Wedding loans aren’t something your financial institution will have on their register of products. Rather, they will issue you a personal loan you can use to finance wedding expenses.

When you get a personal loan, you will receive all your money upfront. You can get an unsecured personal loan for your wedding — which means you won’t have to put up any collateral — but you will have to make monthly payments throughout a set term.

Personal loans come with either fixed or variable interest rates. Fixed rates tend to look higher when you’re comparing loan options, but because they stay stable throughout the course of your loan term, your loan payments and costs are predictable. Variable rates change with the market, so you may see increased rates after you start paying, making monthly payments less predictable.

With good credit and a favorable debt-to-income ratio, you may be able to get a personal loan with an interest rate much lower than a credit card APR, but rates vary widely by lender, loan term, loan amount and application qualifications.

Bar Tenders & Bar Backs

Kids.    Parties.     Family Reunions.    Prom.    Holiday.

Bar tending $45 an hour
Bar back $35 an hour


$25 an hour per person necessary to make the time constraints