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Decoding the Wedding Dress Code for your guests

Before you can tell your guests what to or not to wear to an event, you need to understand each dress code directive. These can sometimes can become confusing since most non-celebrity people do not attend many formal type events on a regular basis. We'd like to take the confusion out of it for you. White Tie: Unless you pal around with royalty, you'll need to rent your attire. White tie attire is a black tail coat that sits at the waist. Matching black pants. White bow tie, white pique shirt and a white vest. Women would wear floor length ball gowns. Black Tie: Men wear tuxedo's; women wear floor length gowns or cocktail dresses that go beyond the "little black dress" such as ruffles, sequins or other embellishments. Black Tie Optional: Tuxedos and suits are equally appropriate for male guests. Women can wear either a cocktail dress or a straight floor length gown, but not a ball gown.

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Cocktail attire: Men wear suits; women arrive in knee length dresses or dressy pants paired with silk, chiffon or otherwise evening appropriate blouse. Festive attire: Although somewhat frustratingly vague, this allows guests to have fun with their attire. The fashion forward and daring will take it as a license to wear whatever they please, and others will probably stick to cocktail looks. No dress code: Guests will take their cues from the time of day, season and location of the wedding. In Denver Colorado, no dress code can mean that people will arrive in blue jeans. If you're wanting people to arrive more dressed up you should include in your invites a dress code. For more assistance contact THE WEDDING PLANNERS DENVER today for your complimentary phone consult.

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