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What to include in your contracts for your wedding

  1. State the date, time and head count of the reception.

  2. Note the name of the person in charge of your event, in most cases, you will want

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to spring for a coordinator to handle all the details. This includes the scheduling on when to arrive for set up, when vendors should arrive. It is much less stressful on you & your families if you have someone in charge of all of the details so you can have fun and don't have more items to add to your stress level on the day of. You don't want to have horror stories like I've heard such as the DJ arriving at the reception venue 3 hours before the ceremony started at the church and leaving 3 hours before the reception ended. Or that the florist got lost because the details of where to be and when were left out of the contract & no time line was prepared. You don't want vendors calling you lost on the day of while you're trying to get ready to walk down the aisle. You especially do not want there to be a shortage of food or beverage for your guests because the caterer wasn't contacted with the final head count. Instead make your last couple weeks and the day of your wedding enjoyable for you and your families by hiring a professional coordinator to handle all of the final details who will ensure that all of your directions and envisioned details happen as expected. Call THE WEDDING PLANNERS DENVER in Denver and have piece of mind. Create a repercussions clause (such as a partial refund) in case of venue snags, such as a broken air conditioner or double booking of a room for the same time & place. Yes it can happen if details are not firmed up early. Note the agreed-upon price and what the fee covers. This should be in your contract, have your professional planner & coordinator check to be sure that it is covered. Create a payment schedule listing the exact due dates of the security deposit and balance. Make sure the cancellation and postponement policy are included. Note whether you will be refunded your deposit if you don't stick to the contracted date. Get the gratuity amount in writing if it is not included in the overall estimate. Note overtime fees. Detail any rules regarding decorations, food, beverages and noise levels, as well as fines for transgression of such rules. Several locations will not allow lit candles or confetti. Using them will forfeit your deposits.

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