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Month Of Event and Wedding Coordinating

The importance of the addition of the " Month Of" coordinator to your wedding planning team. Now, I want to share with you the benefits of hiring a planner and coordinator. No we do not necessarily have to plan every single detail of your wedding, unless that is what you would prefer. Regardless of if you want a planner or coordinator or hire us, a company that does both, your personality and flair should be very apparent throughout the day – as a planner and coordinator we’re here, to give you advice and guidance throughout the entire planning process. The only way I know to tell you about the benefits of having a planner and coordinator, is to tell you the value I bring to my own couples prior to their wedding day, the day of and after.

Jennifer Lane Events - the wedding planner denver

I have the ability to make magical, dazzling and upscale elegance to your day, make progress happen with just one phone call or email - like a super hero without the cape and tights! Couples have asked me to talk to vendors when they are having a difficult time getting their points across to their vendors. They ask me intervene. It’s sometimes odd that some people and vendors will not respond to a bride for a week, but will respond to me right away. I have often wondered why that is - since the bride/couple is their actual client. I think it’s probably because I bring more repeat business. Whether that is a good reason or not - it’s true. I don’t sugar coat things for my couples, I tell them like it is, with tact.

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