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The goal was to make language changes that are pretty simple yet obvious, so that it would be pretty invisible to all of my clients, regardless of gender or orientation. The whole point for me being that I want my clients to tell me what they want, what is important to them and how they want their event or wedding to be viewed. The language is important in client documentation and client relationships due to the huge debates going on in the US right now about gay marriage, some of it boils down to language. As a professional, I feel its my responsibility to make my clients comfortable and help them feel great in their decision for their really important life event. I don't want anything that I do or say to get in the way of their enjoyment, their engagement, planning and especially on the day of. I especially do not want the language I use to alienate anyone.

One of the big thing is to try not to make assumptions about someone's role in the wedding. A lesbian couple may both refer to themselves as brides, yet might recoil at the idea of a dual bride cake topper; two men may refer to themselves as grooms, but will get decked out in Vegas-style drag during the reception. Yes I've actually had a wedding that did this a few years ago while guests were asked to dress in drag as well. I've even a couple of my heterosexual couples sometimes prefer to be called partners instead of husband or wife. I think the most important thing is to listen closely to your clients, respond accordingly, and be flexible! Weddings are stressful enough for the couple without us professionals adding to it for our clients. Inclusiveness is not just about gender and sexual orientation but one can express inclusiveness towards age, race, ability, and much more. Allowing your client to express who she or he is will open up a lot of potential for how you work with them and what opportunities lie ahead for you. I love being a part of each couples special day. My job is never boring because every event & special union planning and coordinating process is unique! My favorite part of the planning is making everything come together the morning on the day of while ensuring and knowing that the couples vision for their wedding has become a reality. I've enjoyed planing parties since I was a teen and decided to make it a career. Those who do not use a professional planner and coordinator or decide to in the planning process, usually they wish they had after their wedding. Please don't let that be you. For meetings, I wear anything from jeans to a suit, depending on my style for the day! For weddings & special unions, we, meaning myself and my staff all wear black dresses, or dress pants with a while dress shirt or blouse with our favorite accessories. In addition to coordination and planning, I am decor designer and do floral arrangements, both fresh & silks. Every decor design and set up is different and completely based upon the couples decisions. I view every wedding/special union as unique and all equally special. But as with any wedding couple, I hope each and every one of our gay &/or LBGT community weddings and special unions will be filled with love between the couple, family, and friends. Of course, fabulous details that are off the hook would be awesome! My favorite moment is when the couple is exiting the ceremony with all their guests celebrating and in the middle of the reception when everyone is filled with excitement and having fun. Its so exciting to finally see the couple wed especially after many months of planning. I find that the gay / LBGT community weddings are usually more sentimental than most heterosexual weddings. Hetro sexual couples and usually the women tend to plan their wedding almost exactly like their friends, or sisters, or mothers. They usually want everything to look like it is from a bridal magazine, which I don't have a problem with & excel at. However my gay and lesbian couples tend to be more unique in their thinking, They have such obstacles to overcome in their lives that they want their day to really reflect their love not just be a great party. Either way your choosing to make your wedding / special union, we can assist you in making memorable and dazzling with a diamond quality. Just as with weddings and special unions, every event should be unique. Any celebration, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or even corporate event, should have its own identity and reflect the guest(s) of honor &/or the company's spirit.

Weddings / special unions, no matter what the size have many moving parts, choose your planner / coordinator that can keep things seamlessly under control without breaking a sweat! Choose someone who take's pride in their work with a team beside them. You want the planner / coordinator that always strives to exceed their clients expectations. When it comes to planning the most important day in your life, you only get to do it once, so we have to do it right! Choose THE WEDDING PLANNERS DENVER in Denver to assist you in planning a dazzling special occasion that will last in memories for a lifetime and has a diamond quality.


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