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It’s not our style to push people around, but I will get the desired affect for my clients - however, when someone doesn’t respond to one of my brides/ couples...they know it. If vendors, locations and officiants want me to recommend their businesses, they have to show me how they will go above and beyond for my couples. We have no alliances to any of your wedding party, just you - the two people that hire us - the bride and groom, in some cases their parents. It’s our job to get you what you want. When I had my wedding years ago. It was amazing and everything I wished for, but it’s over. It’s not my job to plan my wedding, but to take your vision and make it a reality. We are here to be an advocate for you. We negotiate with vendors, whether they are our suggestion or yours. We help to smooth things over with your family and friends. One advantage of having a planner and coordinator throughout the entire process is that you are able to take advantage of our hard-earned networking, 19 years of experience and the knowledge of what works smoothly. A good planner and coordinator will have many connections within the community - which allows you access to the best vendors in the area. If the planner and coordinator is well-respected in the community, the vendors will want to go above and beyond to impress you and your family - thereby impressing the planner and coordinator which helps ensure repeat business for the vendor. At one of my recent weddings, the bride and groom contracted a photographer and opted for a small package with associate coverage (no assistant). On the day of the wedding, the owner showed up with an assistant and both of them stayed through ½ of the reception. Not bad! Above and beyond! Experience is one of the most important aspects. A good planner and coordinator will have years of experience. Having done thousands more weddings than the bride and groom - we know the ropes and know how to avoid the pitfalls of wedding planning. The wedding planner and coordinator will ensure that your process is smooth and stress free. They will make sure all the nuances of wedding planning are taken care of with professionalism. Additionally, I totally believe that time is money. A professional planner and coordinator will save you time and stress which will be worth their weight in gold. We are supposed to take that nervousness away from you, not cause you more! Planning and Coordination takes a lot of experience. I have tons of experience with interpersonal skills, budgeting skills and attention to details in more then just planning and coordinating which also saves you time and money. You’re dealing with one person to explain what you want, it’s my job to impart this information to everyone from wait staff at the location to the favor assembly to ensure that every detail has been carefully tied into the perfect bow for you, your family, friends and guests in attendance. What exactly does a day of coordinator do for you? I am asked this question many times. It’s a great question! It’s the job of a day-of coordinator, to keep everything organized and running smoothly on the day of your wedding. Your coordinator is the point of contact for your vendors, hotel concierge and guests if questions/problems arrive on the day of the wedding. While your coordinator is responsible for the rehearsal and wedding day, we must do a lot of pre-work (prior to your big day) to be successful at our job and ensure the seamless execution of your dazzling day with a diamond quality. I encourage couples considering a professional coordinator, to contact them as early as possible, interview a couple before making a decision. Your coordinator should calm your nerves and the three of you (spouse to be and the coordinator) should be able to feel more like friends and not like it will be a battle to the end to impart your wishes. The advantage to contacting a coordinator early - you can take advantage of all of services, knowledge and expertise early in the planning process. Not all planners are coordinators. Not all coordinators are planners. When you find a planner and coordinator in one person/company you have a rarity. When that same company also has all the other elements, such as floral and décor designers and staff to achieve the needs of your wedding, and to be able to handle all the aspects of your wedding or event then you have the closet thing to heaven. For day of weddings, I must be involved at the latest 4 weeks before your big day. Although, I prefer several months in advance of the wedding so we can be sure that we are all on the same page. Contacting me several months in advance and then no communication or not getting me the information until a couple weeks before the wedding doesn’t really cut it. We want your day to be perfect too, we need to be in the loop to ensure that it is. I want to see the contracts you’ve signed and make sure that the times that vendors are scheduled to arrive correspond with the rest of the contracts and time frames. Several years ago a bride that refused to let me see the contracts, the DJ showed up to perform two hours before the ceremony even started and was scheduled to leave a ¼ of the way into the reception. The bride and groom did not give me any information until rehearsal the day before the wedding, at that point it was too late to fix any of the issues and the day of wedding was far from perfect. We do not even consider a couple who calls us now with a wedding with in a 2 week time period. After all, the better the coordinator knows your wedding, the better they can advocate for you on your wedding day and fix anything that doesn’t fit into your perfect day as it should. Your coordinator will be your point of contact for logistical, procedural, and etiquette questions. Most coordinators have several packages you can choose from and some have options to custom build a package that fits into your budget and gives you the help where you need it. Your coordinator will keep you on target with what needs to be done as your big day approaches. They will give you customized timelines, or track your progress so that all tasks are being completed on time and in the correct order. Of course, if you hit any bumps along your journey, whether large or small, your coordinator can be your partner in helping you to smooth things out - making the process a lot less stressful for you. About a month prior to your big day, your coordinator will begin working with you and your vendors to create a detailed and customized timeline. When done, this timeline will become the "bible" for your day - telling your vendors, your location, your coordinator, and your wedding party when tasks are to be completed. It’s very important to keep all of your vendors on the same page. Typically, this document is distributed 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding to wedding party members and vendors. The week prior to your wedding, your coordinator will complete all last minute confirmations with your vendors. It is their job not only to ensure that all of your vendors have maps, transportation itineraries, and directions; but also to make sure all details are attended to, and everyone knows what is to happen on your wedding day. The last week before your wedding day, you should be relaxing, hanging out with family and friends and seeing your guests that are coming in from far-away places not tending to the details of the wedding. Don’t give yourself a pimple to blemish your gorgeous face the week of your wedding because you wanted to save yourself a few hundred dollars. Most "Month Of" packages include rehearsal coordination - in which the coordinator will work with your officiant to make your rehearsal run smoothly and quickly – so that you can enjoy your guests/family members and rehearsal dinner with little stress worry. Our month of package includes so much more but makes it so you can have a fabulous wedding day.

On your wedding day, they will be there to help set up and make sure everything is per your requests. In some cases, depending on how much set up work is to be done, they will bring a team with them to ensure that both the ceremony & the reception is set up on time and with in the time restraints of the facilities. Your coordinator is there to answer questions, field emergencies and make sure everything runs to your specifications. Your coordinator will line-up your wedding party, cue musicians, manage the change-over (or cocktail hour), ensures that your reception runs smoothly (and all vendors are present for the big moments), and will help clean up and make sure your important wedding materials and memories (gifts, guest book, pictures) get back to you safely. Just like anything else, every coordinator is different. Some coordinators only do destination weddings, some do only weddings that take place in their home town. Some only do outdoor events or weddings, some only do hotel weddings, some only do casual type events/weddings some only do upscale events while others can take a normally causal type event and pair it with an upscale twist and others will not meet with you more than 6 months (or less) prior to your wedding day (all the time or during specific "peak" months) and some limit hours on the rehearsal/wedding day. Other coordinators will allow you to contact them anytime, and some will give you unlimited hours on your rehearsal and wedding day. Generally, coordinators for day of services range from $500.00-$2,500.00 – which is based on level of service, experience, training, and demographics. It’s important that you find someone who will fit your needs, personality, and budget. We look forward to working with you. Call THE WEDDING PLANNERS DENVER to discuss your desires for your wedding. Toll Free: 1-844-FUN GALA

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