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Cake: What is the in's and out's of cake?

Cake IS NOT CREATED EQUAL...... Looks amazing is not the same as tasting amazing. Some bakeries have not been able to master looking amazing while tasting unbelievable.

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Wedding cakes are the grand finale to a reception - so shouldn't they be breathtaking? Here is advice on how to find a wedding cake baker and questions you should ask. If you're interested in making your own wedding cake, or making one for another family member, check out the step-by-step guide to making and decorating a wedding cake. Before you visit a potential wedding cake baker or designer, print out this list of questions to ask. You'll make sure to cover all the bases, avoid disasters, and get the wedding cake of your dreams.

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  1. Do you have a portfolio of previous wedding cakes you've made that we can look at?

  2. Will you be having a tasting soon that we can attend and try various kinds of wedding cake and cake fillings?

  3. Can you supply references?

  4. Will you do a custom wedding cake, or are there a set number of designs for us to choose from?

  5. How adaptable are wedding cake designs, especially due to budget concerns?

  6. Do you have or can you rent items like cake toppers, stands, tiers, fountains, and cutters? Will we be billed extra?

  7. If I want to use fresh flowers on my cake, will you coordinate with my florist, or will I have to manage getting the flowers to you?

  8. What ingredients do you typically use? What kind of icing do you use?

  9. (Better ingredients will cost more, but will make the cake taste better)

  10. How long before our wedding are the cakes prepared? How long does it take to make a cake? (The closer to your wedding that the cake is prepared, the better it will taste. BUT, anyone who tells you that they can bake a wedding cake in a day is not telling you the truth, or isn't being realistic. Due to the complicated nature of wedding cakes, they usually take between three and five days. )

  11. Are your wedding cakes priced by the slice? Is there an extra cost for special fillings or details? Will you charge extra for my design? Is there a price list I can take home with me to study?

  12. Can you give me a written proposal I can take home?

  13. Do you do deliver? How much does it cost? Will the delivery person be able to make emergency frosting or decoration repairs and arrange the cake table?

  14. (For anything even slightly complicated, getting them to deliver is best. You won't want to be stuck with 150 ruined pieces of wedding cake at $8 per slice, much less on the morning of your wedding.)

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