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Color Schemes & your wedding

From friends, family and especially from your wedding planner, one of the first questions you have to answer is “What is your color scheme?” Before you answer with the default colors of the season or those your mother has hinted at for the past few months, take a moment and give this decision some real thought.

teal wedding style photo shoot

Teal is an "it" color this year

Color is actually an extenuation of you and your personality. This decision of color and hue will affect almost everything involved in your special day. Invitations, flowers for the ceremony and reception, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s’ tuxes, table clothes and favors, it all waits on this decision. Color helps create the mood, effects energy and definitely makes an impression. Just think about all the colors that exist in life. What colors will reflect the splash of personality that is unique to your relationship? Even if you decided to opt for the safe color of white or shades of pink, using a splash of color as an accent will really set your event apart.

What is the general rule of thumb regarding color? While color is a great accent, you don’t overdo it. For elegant style, use no more than three to four hues.

Options by the Season:

Fall – The earth shades of brown, green, orange, referred to as Harvest color are clichéd. To avoid looking to much in the Halloween mode, consider Taupe or Burgundy with copper or a hint of lavender.

Spring - Is usually owned by pastels, (pink, blue, Gray/Silver) but consider bumping it up with a splash of plum or coral

Summer – Go for bold colors, which are definitely in. Rich yellow, bold reds or bright blues often dominate. You might want to think about using coral, salmon and a deep burnt orange as your color palate. It is flattering for almost every skin tone and is a stunning combination.

Winter – While all white is outstanding, consider accenting with pewter, silver, copper, or bronze for depth and warmth.

Gold sequins, pink & ivory table scape

One last thought regarding color scheme, mixing different tones (light, medium, dark) of the same color creates a striking look.

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