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Lately it has been all about weddings, but im here today to show you a little bit more about what we do at A Jennifer Lane Events. Showers; for both baby and bridal, today it’s going to be all about the babies though. We love to get together and gossip and talk all about the upcoming arrival of the little bundle of joy, but few of us really get into the silly games.

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Especially for the working women it is hard to find the time to take out of your busy schedule to have a shower, and even harder for your friends planning it to work around that schedule. I want to give you some tips on how to plan the perfect baby shower over a long lunch.

Simplicity is key. You only have around an hour to accomplish everything. As for decorations, make them functional as well. A great idea I ran across was using clothes pins, it adds a rustic touch but with the right add-ons it can look adorable. For instance add socks, onsies, bibs, small stuffed animals, and other necessities the expectant mother might need. So at the end of the party she can take them all home with her. Not only do they add ambiance to the event but they become useful afterwards.

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Centerpieces made easy. There is no need to go all out for floral bouquets that are most likely to go unnoticed. Make them fun and a statement that will be sure to get everyone talking. Use old or new baby bottles as vases to hold a small cluster of bright flowers. To make them extra special, try to find glass bottles, plastics will work just as well and still give the same idea, but glass does add a touch of elegance.

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Make ahead menu is the perfect option, especially if you are on a budget. Choose items that will travel well, hold well and require very little assembly before the party. Be sure to wrap them carefully and store properly until serving time. And store in separate dishes they will be served in. You can easily do this for the drinks to, bring them in a travel pitcher to insure safe traveling. But this can be great to have a variety of beverages that would otherwise not have been possible to make in the limited amount of time. Such as Bellini’s, mimosas, sparkling wine, and don’t forget the non alcoholic drinks for the mom-to-be.

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