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Things Coordinators and Vendors wish clients knew

Wedding videography/cinematography can be so much more than pretty moving pictures set to music. While you can put your album on your coffee table, and frame your favorite photos, only a great wedding film can capture the voices, words, and stories that show every chapter of the wedding day. years from now, the sound of your grand parents, parents' and other cherished loved ones voices talking to you as you were getting ready, the advice for long and wonderful marriages, all told in their own words and heard in their own voices will be blessings heard again and again; that couples will laugh and cry hearing again the first words spoken to one another as they recess back down the aisle as married partners. You should know that editing an amazing film can take over a month of full-time work and should really cost well over 10K. That wedding films can be shown on iPods and iPhones. I'd like brides to know that most wedding videographers haven't shown you what's possible, because you've budgeted far less on a videographer than on your photographer, so that they really can't offer you all that they can do. I'd like brides to watch some really amazing wedding films (go to www.generationscinemastories.com) and then reconsider where they might want to list videography/cinematography in their list of priorities. Those who hired a videographer/cinematographer prior to their event or wedding valued the expense HIGHER after the wedding than before; and, that a significant percentage of brides who opted not to have their weddings filmed, regretted the decision!

Have an idea of what you are looking for in flowers and decor. This helps us to make recommendations that will keep you in your budget and also create arrangements that will provide their desired look for the finished product for your event or wedding day. Between our initial consultation and our face to face meeting, make a prioritized list to share with us at our face to face meeting. Be sure to have swatches, if you want colors to match and bring pictures of things you have seen that you like, but understand that everything you want may not be able to happen given your personal budget constraints. Once you have the complete proposal, think about and talk with your fiance about what is the most important and can not live with out or what is perhaps not as important to keep you in budget. Anything can be changed on the proposal. The reason we include everything on the proposal is so you know exactly what you are getting in advance.

Once you have hired us to assist you in the planning and coordinating of your event or wedding, and have made your decisions from the proposal, we assemble a design board with the color scheme, pictures of the details & elements that you have chosen. You can use the board to show family and friends what your event or wedding will look like. At any time you can add items, details or elements, however, be aware that additions will affect your bottom line. Please keep in mind that mind reading is NOT one of our skills. Be sure to SHARE information with us. You need to talk to us & keep us in the loop, phone us, send emails or a text messages, we’d rather hear you ask about something twice then not actually tell us about a detail, idea or consideration, then not hear about it all, as you thought about telling us and forgot, ran out of time, or dreamed you told us. We want your day to be as you have envisioned & strive to exceed your vision. In order to do so, we become a team with you. A team works best with communication. This is why we offer you unlimited phone, email & text messages. Although we ARE in business to make money, but we are not out to take advantage of you -- if you share what your priorities and concerns are, we may be able to think of another way to get a similar effect to keep you in budget.


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