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Price Shopping for vendors

You already know that our 19 almost 20 years of experience and the fact that everything we do for our clients is completely customized for them. But here are some additional thoughts for those who do price shopping. The best price, isn't always the best bang for your buck. You know the saying, "You get what you pay for...."

You get what you pay for...

When deciding what you will charge for whatever it is that you are offering - especially when it comes to SERVICE....charge what you are worth, and charge a professional fee. Just because 20 other similar business are charging X amount, doesn't mean you have to charge that amount, especially if it's lower than you want to charge. How much time have you invested in your business? Have you invested money into your business? Do you invest money into your business, or your own talents/knowledge so that you can give your clients/customers a better service? Do you do this full time? Do you WANT to do this full time? What makes you different? What's your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)??? Why should someone hire you over the other guys? There are customers for all of us. Even if you are the more expensive of your kind in your area, that doesn't mean you won't still "sell" yourself / product. Bottom line - convey your value, and they will pay whatever it takes to have you (if service related, like my line of work - Wedding Master of Ceremonies / DJ) DO NOT undercut others in your area just to get the sale. That's slimy and brings down the status quo.

It's really tempting to blame the under-cutting amateur wedding vendors or brides who don't know any better, but it's really up to US to convey our value so that it's undeniable.

I can understand why some wedding vendors feel pressured to lower their prices to book the wedding, but it only makes this challenge worse for the entire wedding industry. If not, you have not yet begun to fight. Going “cheaper” is the easy way out – and an easy way to burn out. I agree with her that there are many ways to combat the economy that will ultimately grow your wedding business much faster when things turn around. So, to her wonderful list I'd add:Recognize Your True ValueJust because something that you normally do is easy for you doesn't mean it's not valuable to your brides. For example, I was born with a calm voice. I didn't train for that but my clients tell me that talking with me helps them relax and feel less anxious. Some of that is my good advice, some my presence. What part of you are you overlooking when you consider your value? Don't know? Ask your family, friends and peers one question: Give me 3 words you'd use to describe me to someone? Now you have something very unique that can attract brides who are searching for just your kind of presence.

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