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You're engaged - What should you do first?

Make the Announcement

  • Inform parents & family first

  • Place your announcement in the newspaper, if you live in a small town. If you live in a big city. It's not necessary.

Together share your dreams for the day

Share ideas & your vision for your wedding day together. Below are some starter points for your discussion

  1. Small & simple, what we call Sweet & Simply Stated, of medium size and quality, which is what we call Afford-ably Elegant, or large or a real blow out party, which is what we call High Style Glam.

  2. A local location or a destination such as another country or a beach

Beach weddings

  1. Large wedding party or a single attendant

  2. Traditional vows or write your own

  3. What are the most important details that you want to have present in your day?

Your finance should be a part of this discussion, as it is their day too. Your finance should also be a part of this following discussion. Budget - Talk Money.

  1. Know what you have to spend before you start planning. The bride's parents rarely pick up the full tab, so decide on your spending limit. check with both sets of parents to find out if and what they are willing to contribute to your big day.

  2. Watch your guest list. Wedding size determines where and how much the party will cost. It is easy for the guest list to grow beyond your means. (Her family, His family, family friends, work associates and the list goes on and on.)

  3. Create a notebook with a section for each area of your wedding. Put your budgeted amount for that area at the top and keep deducting as you add services. Suggested areas are listed below.

  4. Ring(s)

  5. Wedding Planner

  6. Invitations

  7. Decision Time

  8. Ceremony site & officiate

  9. Wedding attire

  10. Flowers

  11. Photography and Video-grapher

  12. Music for both ceremony & reception

  13. Reception venue

  14. Reception meal & beverages

  15. Bridal Party & parent gifts

Soon after you announce your engagement and a minimum of 9-12 months ahead of your target month for the wedding, the first major wedding decision needs to be made. Select a wedding consultant. You will want to meet with each potential wedding consultant. Make sure that the person or company who you will be working with shares your dream for your special day and is not trying to force you into whatever program they are trying to promote. This person will be the most important partner you have in making your dreams for your wedding day come true, taking much of the stress of the wedding event off you freeing you to enjoy the day with your guest. Your working relationship will be one of the biggest factors in your retaining peace of mind from the start of the planning until the last guest is gone, through through the return of your honeymoon. Ceremony Site If you're considering local locations, it is time to bring your dream and reality together. If you are looking at an outdoor site, ensure the site has a contingency plan that works for you as regardless of the date, the weather is unpredictable. If the site doesn't have a contingency plan, then your planner & coordinator should develop one that you're satisfied with. If you're considering a destination wedding, you will want to consider the cost to ensure that everyone you want to be a part of your special day can afford to be there. Regardless of the location you decide to go with, you will want to get your date on the site calendar as many of the most popular dates will be snapped up quickly. Reception Match the reception venue to the size and style of the reception you want. You want to ensure that the location is large enough to comfortable fit not only the number of guests expected, but for reception activities that are an important part of your special occasion. Your wedding planner & coordinator will be a great resource in providing these suggestions. From quaint hotels, historic home, parks, or aquarium's you want the site that works for you & fits your style. Allow time to visit your top options before making a final decision.

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