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What to look for when hiring an Event or Wedding Planner, coordinator

When planning your events or wedding don’t procrastinate. Look for a planner or coordinator that does not overbook themselves. You want great service not someone that is not available to you or considers your needs as a client. Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding in Denver does just that. We book up quickly as we only realize one clients amazing vision for their event or wedding per week. We meet with clients at night & on the weekends, when they are available, not make them take time out of their schedule to meet with us during the day. We want our clients to have our undivided attention and be treated like the royalty that they are to us. We are organized, on the ball and creative. When you need it we have cost cutting ideas & deals w/ vendors that will save you money and frustration so your planning process remains fun & enjoyable. We can recommend and schedule meetings with our tried & true vendors saving you time, be diligent in attending these meetings. We want to be sure that you like your vendors & will be happy with the results for your wedding. Our vendors as well as ourselves want to be completely sure that we understand what your vision for your events and wedding are so be sure to communicate with us. We would much prefer that you tell us the same thing twice then think you’ve told us and something on your big event or wedding was amiss. Were here to assist you in realizing your vision as well as keep you in your budget. Many times the vision of the wedding day are different between finance’s. Be willing to compromise so both you and your finance’s styles and flair are apparent in the wedding ceremony, reception, &/or after party. Sometimes this can be accomplished by having a different vision realized in different areas of the day. Such as perhaps your fiancé would like the ceremony to reminiscent of Italy, and you are envisioning a winter wonderland concept. We can have the décor and lighting in the ceremony romantic in colors and plants that remind you of Italy, while the cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception can be glittering white trees and white & blue lights opening up to the reception that is Italy in winter. Both sides happy. Or perhaps you’re both dreaming of a out door mountain top wedding at sunset but have several guests that will be in wheelchairs and the actual mountain top is just not feasible so all of your guests can attend. We can recreate with décor and lighting in a city venue the outdoor mountain top at sunset and all of your guests can attend. When hiring Jennifer Lane Events – you share the tasks, with Jennifer Lane Events taking on most of them to allow you to be able to have fun during your engagement. We are assertive to make sure that our clients visions are realized in each and every aspect. This leaves you time to take care of yourself. We look forward to working with you and assisting you to have the dazzling event or wedding

A common misconception of new couples is that you can pull your dress from a rack and take it home with you that day. This is not true. (1) nothing fits any of us perfectly just pulled off a rack & (2) most boutiques and bridal shops have sample dresses for you to try on and see which dress looks the best & is your vision for you on your wedding day or the event of the year that you want to create. When you head to the salon to pick your gorgeous wedding dress you need to be sure to purchase your dress 6-8 months in advance to allow time for it to be made, and alternations. It takes time to make the dress in the closest size that you are and then make alternations so you're your best on your wedding day. If you’re heading to the salon to pick the dress for the event of the year, you need 6 weeks for the dress to be made. Then you need another 3-4 weeks for alternations. When planning the event of the year or your wedding there is To Do list that you need to consider. 1. What time of year you want to have your event or wedding;

2. What day of the week you would prefer to have your big party;

3. Your total budget; i.e. it doesn’t make sense to pick the venue first if you have a tight budget and the venue ends up costing a majority of your budget. Then your food, liquor, clothes, and ambiance will suffer. Also remember that most people, unless you are a professional are not planning events & weddings on a regular basis and that the costs of the items that you see on T.V. and in the magazines are probably far more expensive then you initially realize. Hiring a professional, such as Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding in Denver to assist you with your plans, and coordinating will give you discounts in buying and negotiating power that will ultimately save you allot of time, money, sanity and frustration. We have 19 years in the business and know where and what you can cut back on that will not show to your guests & still make you look like a rock-star. Leaving you with a timeless, elegant & dazzling event or wedding with a diamond quality all while you were able to remain calm and enjoy the planning time and ultimately the day of your event of the year or amazing wedding day.

4. Call Jennifer Lane Events to discuss with our head planner, coordinator, décor & floral designer your event of the year or amazing wedding plans. 720.507.5395. We want to also meet with you in person to discover all of the goals, personalities and vision. The face to face meeting should include everyone on the committee, the person of honor, or for a wedding the couple, parents too if participating in paying for the wedding. Our goal is to make sure that everyone who has a vested participation in the event or wedding gets a say in the ultimate outcome. However, this can become confusing for the couple. Ultimately it is the couples’ day and their wishes are the final decision. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s vested opinions. We prefer to have face to face meetings at the couples home so we can see your styles and flair and be sure that your represented in the day. After all, we are here for our clients to make your visions a reality, we have our own events & weddings and do not impose our personality into your events & big day. If you meet with someone who is not truly interested in you and your wishes, they are not the vendor, planner or coordinator for you.

5. Professional planners, coordinators, décor and floral designers such as Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding have ideas that can help you create your event of the year and amazing wedding day and keep you in your budget. Your initial idea may be too much for your budget, but we can assist you in creating something that is uniquely your style and fit into your budget. However, when you’re not willing to compromise you may need to pony up the additional costs involved with your vision. In many ways we’re miracle workers, but haven’t figured out how to make it rain money. We have connections world wide with the best of the best vendors, locations, and elements to make your event of the year or wedding just as you have envisioned.

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in creating your dazzling event of the year or amazing wedding complete with custom décor, floral design or lighting elements in Denver, any where in Colorado, or any U.S. or International destination with a diamond quality.

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