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Weddings - Important details

Bustling a gown – always takes a few min’s even when you have a professional with 19 years experience and has done hundreds doing it. You want the bustle to stay so your gown doesn’t become ruined while your dancing that night. Be patient even with 2-3 people assisting, it will take a good few minutes. Relax with a glass of Champagne or white wine while we get you ready for your party.

It's best to have a professional assist with this however we all know that bridesmaids love to do it. A Professional like Jennifer Lane Events, is on hand to sew the bustle in place, should it fall to reduce the wear & tear on your dress. Bridal bags. It's important to have items on hand that you think you'll never need, such as band-aids, deodorant, clear nail polish & lotion. You'd be surprised how many of these items are needed in the bridal party through out the night. Another must have. Tide's stain stick. There's many more items that you need in the all important bridal bag. Hire a professional such as Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding to have the best stocked bridal bag.

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