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Wedding Dress Trends Looking ahead to 2012…

The Spring/Summer wedding season is in full bloom and we are already looking ahead to what the trend in wedding dresses is going to be for the 2012 season. Brides, the wedding dress is one of the most important elements in your wedding. All eyes will be on you and you want the dress to accent your natural beauty. You don’t want to be looking back over the photo albums ten or twenty years later going “oh no what was I thinking!” Trends are great, we all love them, but they should be kept in moderation and used as more of guidelines. We all know what those outlandish dresses of the 80’s look like, and no one wants to be overtaken by their dress. Here in no particular order are some of the trends for the upcoming bridal season…

1. Delightful Dots

With everything vintage and retro being such a hot trend right now, of course all the wedding dress designers would hop on board. Designers are embracing and loving this throwback look. Carolina Herrera, Stephanie James Couture, and even J Crew are just a

A few that have come out with dots in their designs. They are beautifully accented by sleek airy fabrics , such as organza, taffeta, and tulle.

2. Illusion Necklines

The easy way to think if an illusion neckline is “strapless with coverage.” This is an easy way to transform a look that flaunts your assets, so to speak, into one that is tasteful. It adds a soft, romantic, elegance to the dress. This look can soften the shoulders and imparts sophistication and femininity. Most commonly it is a sheer overlay that extends past the neckline, veiling the skin that would otherwise be exposed.

3. Multi Tiered Skirts

Why have one when you can have two? Multi tiered skirts are all the rage and designers are drawing all their attention to the hemlines. This look is flattering for all, and the top tier is a genius way to camouflage any unwanted hips. And who doesn’t want that?

4. Volume, Volume, Volume!

Turning gowns inside out. Keeping with the focus on hemlines, designers are opting to add volume by using horsehair on the outside of dresses (not actual horsehair, it’s a synthetic fabric used in the underskirts of gowns). The fabric is voluminous and adds great texture to the skirts of gowns, giving a new look to the old princess ballgown. This look can be done be done several ways, but the most popular is using it as a visible hemline, a extravagant bodice detail, or to give dimension to a ballgown. The horsehair adds a frothy, light as air, modern spin on traditional gowns.

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