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How Can an Event Specialist Assist you?

It needs to be said that gathering your vendor team takes time, patience and lots of work, if you’re doing it entirely on your own without help. Event decoration designs take creativity, lots of tools and materials. Developing and following a timeline is a skill. How do you know whether you can plan this special occasion on your own or wave the white flag and hire a professional event and wedding planner? You need to have an honest conversation with yourself and your family? Know your own strengths and weaknesses.

We find that most families who do need the help of a professional event and wedding planner are parents who work full time or a single parent. Those who aren’t very detail oriented, have less than perfect organization skills, don’t know many quality local vendors/ event professionals or desire high quality wow factor that represents them as an individual or couple. If this is you…the answer may be yes…You do need the help of a professional special event planner.

Special Event and wedding planners can not only offer creative ideas and help you plan all aspects of your event; they can often get better prices, since they bring repeat business. A good planner becomes your best friend very quickly. They can help you with all the event details and/or specific tasks such as day of coordination. Each planner has their own pricing schedule and contract requirements. However, typically charge between 10-20% of the entire cost of your special occasion. Factor in the price of your sanity when making your decision.

Planners have vendors and wedding professionals in all price ranges and personalities, as well as contacts for emergencies on the day of. Yes it does happen when a vendor doesn’t show up on the day. Although you wouldn’t be able to do anything at the last minute, a great planner has back up professionals who can step in if and when this happens, and usually without anyone noticing.

Here’s a big tip! Many vendors offer planners special pricing due to the repeat business. As a result, you can actually save some money and you’ll definitely save your sanity and when you hire a planner to help you. If you’re not sure what you want yet, it’s ok. With years of training, we’ll ask you questions, you’ll ask us questions and soon together we’ll develop and plan and vision that completely encompasses you and your fiancé or company.

Lastly, a good planner takes care of you, your guest needs and any last minutes problems that arise at your special occasion. It’s not uncommon for a planner to break up a kids scuffle, run down extra extension cords, sew up a hem, or make sure that Grandma has her meal and an early ride home. And, do it all without you (the client) knowing what was happening. Your role at the event is to mingle and enjoy your friends and family. Not to watch the timeline, give driving instructions to the hair stylist or coordinate with the catering staff as to when you’re ready to eat dinner and when the limo driver should arrive for your grand exit.

And, it’s your friends’ role to be an invited guest. Good friends always ask what they can do to help and they mean well, but they shouldn’t be a part of your staff. Once the party begins, they want to and should mingle with other friends and not stay tuned into your party needs and problems.

If this hasn’t convinced you why hiring an event planner and specialist for your special occasion, ask to see their emergency kit they bring to every event. I guarantee their kit contains hundreds of items and they are prepared for any situation.

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