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Bridal Showers

Out with the old and in with the new! No longer are bridal showers subject to being stuck to the living room of family friend, with passé games and the bland taste of tea sandwiches. Now are the revamped versions for the 21st century. One of the new fads is destination showers. Gather up a few of your closest girl friends; maybe let mom tag along too, and head off to a relaxing weekend getaway. Turn it into a long distance trip to an exotic place, a weekend beach getaway, or tour a vineyard and enjoy the company of friends while taking pleasures in the taste if wines. If taking a long weekend trip is not a possibility for you, then keep it close to home. The country club or a restaurant is a great place to host a shower. Rent out a private room and party the night away.

Sunflower centerpieces

Another great new idea to sweep bridal showers is to bring someone as an interactive teacher. Give the guests at your shower an introduction into learning something new. Bring in a florist and let everyone learn how to arrange those perfect looking vase bouquets, or hire a personal chef to teach you all how to prepare a scrumptious meal. Spice things up further and have a local bartender come and show everyone how to make a special drink, even create and name one after yourself!

One of the most modern changes to take bridal showers by storm is to have couple showers. The event turns into more of a family and friends gathering. The wedding isn’t just for the bride so it’s nice for couples to be able to share in the fun. Turn the party in to a backyard barbeque with fun lawn games; like badminton and croquet, or make into a swank cocktail party.

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