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What does a planner & coordinator do?

We plan & coordinate dazzling events & weddings in Denver, all of Colorado, any U.S. or International Destination of diamond quality for 19 years. We can help you too. No event or wedding is cookie cutter. We want your fun personality & style to shine through every detail.

custom designed chair & sash

  • Are you planning an event or a wedding?

  • Are you stressed, confused &/or overwhelmed?

  • Do you have too little time to devote to your event or wedding?

  • Do you want to plan the event or wedding of your dreams?

  • Are you looking for a unique and custom event or wedding,designed around your personality, style, and budget?

  • Are you wanting to have the event or wedding of the year that will be the talk of the town for years to come?

  • Are you unsure of where to begin or how to pull it all together?

Imagine having your dazzling dream event or wedding, unparalleled in style with a quality...

Well, I have great news for you! You don’t have to imagine this any longer, because the event or wedding that you having been dream about is absolutely within reach! You can absolutely have the event or wedding that is uniquely yours, an event or wedding that is customized to your inspirations and desires right down to the very last detail, and an event or wedding that truly embodies your style and your personality. We are here to help your inspirations become a reality!

I’m Jennifer Lane, of Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding and I want to help you create the wedding you have dreamed of but never really knew if you could create... we are going to have so much fun in the process!

Regardless of if you are interested in full service wedding planning, coordinating and design, wedding day management and consultations... we, meaning myself and team of 16 have several options to suit your needs perfectly. Reduce your stress, free up your time and save yourself money by hiring a professional planner & coordinator who has the expertise and 19 years experience to show you how to have the wedding of your wildest dreams!

Visit our website for more information as to how Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding can assist you in having the event or wedding of your dreams. Complimentary initial consultations at night and on the weekends when you are available.

Click here to visit our website Click here to see pictures of our work. Click here to read an interview with Jennifer Lane, Head event planner/coordinator & decor, floral designer at Jennifer Lane Events. Want to schedule a complimentary appointment? Email us here.

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