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Simply Homemade (Do it Yourself)

Times are tough and no one in unaffected by these problems, but that does not mean that you need to skimp on the wedding of your dreams. For those out there who are the ‘do it yourself’ brides I have a few tricks that will add special touches to your wedding at an affordable price to you. There are so many things out there that you can do yourself that don’t require a lot of skill or money. Only a little bit of time and possibly some elbow grease.

One item that many brides can over look is the pillow for the ring bearer. It ends up being a white satin pillow with the same color ribbon attached. With all the craziness surrounding planning a wedding, don’t let any detail become an afterthought. No matter how small it is. If you’re having an outdoor wedding you can play up the pillow a little more, make it bright, fun, and something that will stand out. Go to any home store and you can find hundreds of different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of pillows. Look for one that is unique, there is no rule out there that says it has to be a square! Try a round shape, or even a funky geometric one. And the colors are limitless, as long as it matches your personality and the personality of the wedding you can t go wrong. All you need to do is add a few touches that will make sure the rings stay in place and your set. And for those the sly is the limit. There are so many options, with ribbon sting, twine, flowers; bows…the list can go on and on. And hey who says it even as to be a pillow?

Another great thing to make your self is the seating arrangements and name cards. It is easy to throw up a simple card with a number on it and give out the usual folded tent cards with a person’s name and table number. But why settle for the usual, why not strive to make it a fabulous and unique part of the reception. Stationary items have come a long way from the fabric covered books; there are now sophisticated stickers that can add a small and simple piece to any name card, or even fun stamps. Look for ones that match the invitations or bring out other aspects of the theme of the wedding. One of the most unique ways I have seen table numbers done was through photos. You can do it many ways; one would be to use the photos from your engagement in black and white; with bright, bold numbers on them so they stand out. Another way to use photos of you and your fiancé could be to use photos from various moments throughout your engagement. It is a great way to show your guest the love you have for each other. If you don’t want to have your face at every table you can chose photos of places or things that are meaningful to you as a couple. Like the place you had your first kiss, where he proposed, places you took vacations, or might have lived; anything that is sentimental. It can be great conversation pieces for your guests; they can guess what it represents or tell stories about it if they know. Don’t feel like you have to get stuck into doing something that everyone else does, bring out yourself in every aspect of the wedding.

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