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Outdoor Extravaganza

Outdoor weddings are to summer as falling leaves are to trees. This past weekend Jennifer Lane Events worked hard give Abby & Randy the wedding of their dreams. It was a spectacular event full of love and joy as the happy couple began the journey of sharing their lives together. The celebrations started out late afternoon on Friday, with the rehearsal dinner; it then carried through to the wedding on Saturday, and ended in Sunday brunch.

To me one of the most special things about the wedding was that it took place in the bride’s family backyard. It gave the celebration a much more intimate feel and allowed for a simple elegance to transpire. Which is always key when having an outdoor wedding.

The saying goes; rain on your wedding day will bring you good luck. That is easy to say when you are getting married inside, but when your entire celebration is outside it is hard to think that that is good luck. It feels more like bad luck. But one of the great beauties that accompanies rain storms are the lovely rainbows that follow. For the bride and groom, the day of their rehearsal dinner two full rainbows formed and for the day of the wedding a whole rainbow formed centering over the arch they were married under.

JENNIFER LANE EVENTS had a fabulous time this weekend and we were all so proud to be a part of the marriage celebration Abby and Randy. We wish the two of them the best of luck in their future together.

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