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Family Reunions with Jennifer Lane Events in Nashville TN

At JENNIFER LANE EVENTS we enjoy assisting our clients with all of their events we can assist you with your family reunion. The whole idea behind the reunion is not only to see all of the relatives, but more importantly, to increase the tight knit family relationships and continue to grow the desire to attend for the younger generations. As a result we plan primarily for the younger generations and have additional activities for the... not quite as young spring chickens. We help clients plan their 1 day to a week long family reunions all over the world. We want everyone to have fun, so we custom create several games, activities, a custom decor package and ton's of entertainment for all. Regardless if your reunion is a one day or a 4 day destination get away, we can help you and your family to grow closer laughing all the way. We can assist you in planning regional site seeing tours from event and full fledged functions to attract all ages to good 'ol fashioned family games or a barn dance. Because we're a multi-generational family owned and operated company we understand what it takes to consider the needs of all ages and ensure that fun will be had by all. Also so the younger generation gets more involved, we suggest adding a blog and a family Facebook page. All the kids are doing it.

If you're interested in seeing a family reunion that we've planned. Every family is different and such an elaborate 4 day event may not be up your family's alley, then there are other families that this reunion, would not be enough. We also set up a blog. You're more then welcome to check that out too. Get to the family reunion blog here. But come back. We'd love to assist you with your family reunion as well. Are you aware that one of the biggest mistakes made by those planning their family reunions on their own is that they don't consider all of the ages that are attending which results in many attendees being bored and not returning for the next one. Don't let that happen to you and let us help you create a reunion that results in record numbers over and over.

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