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Receiving Line....To Have or Not to Have?

Recieving line

A receiving line of old, usually happened after the ceremony but before the reception. Bride, Groom and wedding party would make a line and all the guests would go down the line to congratulate the bride, groom and bridal party. Some brides and grooms would worry about the line taking up too much time.

If you have a receiving line after the ceremony, check with your officiant, there could be restrictions where the line could form.

Many of today's weddings opt not to have a receiving line but to use the time during the cocktail hour or after dinner to walk around and great family and guests. Since the bride and groom are the first to receive dinner, they are the first finished. Going around the room to each table is more informal and relaxed way to talk with guests. Take your photographer with you to capture each table with you and the groom. (Guests have more to say when there is not a line of people waiting behind them.)

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