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Candy Tables - how much and what do I really need

I'm so excited, we've been asked to help out Sanger Foundation with their next fundraiser. They are a great foundation where all of the proceeds that come in go back to those the foundation assists to pay their medical bills. Check out Sanger Foundations Event here. We still have our famous bridal show coming up & Spring Group planning sessions are getting under way. This year is super fun already. This year is going so fast already it's hard to believe that today's my birthday already. Headed for a special lunch with some of my friends to our favorite Mexican restaurant. How fun! Then I'm heading home to play with my boxer dog, Maxine and watch TV. Its so much fun to be able to play with her. Then she curls up in my lap and falls asleep.


Sweetheart tables

P.S. The other day I had a meeting with a new client and they asked what the difference is between a couple photographers. One of the photographers although very inexpensive is straight out of school. The other photographer has been shooting exclusively weddings for the last 20 years. To me it's obvious. So let me help to explain. Your fresh out of school artist doesn't have the experience under his belt to really give you the money shot that every bride craves. Although if your only concern is the pocket book. You'll get what you pay for.

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