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Spring & summer has its snow and rain showers and fall has its early blizzards and more rain thus providing Coloradoans with unpredictable and sometimes severe weather. Combine that with our occasional flooding and you never know what surprises the weather will have in store for your party day. Be flexible and hire a professional planner and coordinator such as THE PARTY PLANNER DENVER & Event who will prep you for alternatives and be prepared in the off chance that there is a change in the weather. Don’t risk your event day memories. When planning an outside event or party have a back-up plan. We’ve had clients who have wanted an outside sunset event in spring, summer or fall without a back-up plan & we are all on pins and needles when a client refuses to have a back-up plan. Its Murphey’s law that it will not go as planned due to weather. A particular couple we worked with last fall wanted to re-create their engagement at a lake they were married at with 200 of their closest friends and wanted to do it under the stars…. Sounds cool right, literally. Why? Because of course on party day it was a 31 degree day with snow. Two days before and two days later we had 50-60 degree days and it would have worked great. Getting tents and heaters in a matter of hours would be impossible. But thankfully – I had them on reserve for just in case. Murphey isn’t your friend – you just need to be aware of the wrinkles he’ll throw in so you can counteract them.

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