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Pro’s & Con’s of using Pintrest to plan your wedding


  1. Gives you tons of wedding décor ideas

  2. Many different ideas from catering, décor, specialty drinks, centerpieces and much more to give you inspiration.

  3. Can assist you in creating an overall vision

  4. Once you come up with your overall vision for your event or wedding, try to limit your searching for event and wedding pic’s and instead use Pintrest for clothes, home décor, recipes, specialty drinks etc.

Con’s; Is Pintrest the devil? Thanks - Water Boy, the movie.

  1. Overwhelming amount of options that you can use. What happens? Many times brides will fall in love with several different photo’s that they want to re-create for their wedding day, however, the pictures will be different concepts that usually do not blend well together. Result. Hot mess. But it doesn’t have to go that way.

  2. If you work with your event designer, your different ideas and concepts from Pintrest can be blended to work with your over-all vision and create a unique look that is custom made for you.

  3. Will end up costing you much more. Why? The pic’s on display are created to look the best possible which means more product, more expense. To accomplish the exact same look in each table, décor piece, and display just flat out costs more.

  4. With so many choices, options and concepts it can be confusing. It’s hard to make a decision and decide on one vision for your big day.

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