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Easy menu’s for bridal showers & baby showers

Of course your menu would differ based upon the time of year and the time of day. However, most showers are about 20 attendees. So it’s pretty easy to develop a menu that can coordinate with your party theme, taste great and is pretty easy to create.

Spring & Summer – fresh fruit is always a big hit. Depending upon your time or your caterer, placing your fresh fruit into a watermelon basket is fun and really brings in the summer element. It’s pretty easy to do, but is time consuming. An easier variation is using a fruit centerpiece that is cut into shapes and dipped into chocolate, caramel, or peanut-butter. You can also just have fresh fruit and a chocolate, caramel or peanut-butter fountain. Small sandwiches are easy such and you can create 4-5 different options that can be picked up or displayed down the table. You should of course have a couple fruity beverages and an option for liquor to be added for those who want it.

Fall & Winter: A little heartier meal such as beef or pork dishes, casseroles, and stews are simple. You can create veggie options pretty easily for those who would prefer no meat.

You can always chose to have all pink food or all blue food for a bridal shower if you know the sex of the baby. Choosing this option; food coloring will be your best friend and blue; it’s difficult to figure out what flavor should coordinate the color past blueberry. Just a head’s up.

If using specialty lighting on your food display, you should never use green. Why? It will cast a green hue onto the food and it subconsciously suggests that the food is moldy. Very few people will eat it. We suggest instead using blue, white, yellow or pink lighting on food displays.

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