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How to manage event stress

Let’s face it…any event is stressful. You only get one chance to get it right. It’s not like your daughter is going to turn six-teen twice. If something goes horribly wrong it will be a sore point for life. Occasionally, the “gone wrong” moment becomes the most hilarious memory, but really those are far and few between.

So why risk it? Instead the best way to manage event stress is to bring in a professional to assist you in coordinating the hundreds of elements and items between the initial planning and the clean-up. Ninety percent of the time, the professional will have tricks or insider knowledge that will save you time, money and know about those things that you have not even considered yet. Such as when a company is going out of business, where to find items at dirt cheap prices, where you will need extra hands to make sure that the set up of your event will happen before your guests arrive. Did you know that it takes three times the amount of time to set-up for an event then it does to take it all down? Why, you may ask. All of the items must be fluffed, positioned just right, spot ironed so it looks right. Fluffing; takes for forever and the pictures from your event will live on face-book and possibly Pintrest for eternity.

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Coordinators are like air traffic controllers that take all of the stuff you don’t want to deal with and pre-deals with possible hiccups, corrals and coordinates the several industry professionals that come together as a team to make your event flawless. Such as a graduation party we did recently … had seven different event professionals that had a hand in the party so it was just what the graduate had in mind for the party. There was a rental company, planner/coordinator, décor staff, bar-tender/ margarita machine, catering, chocolatier, bakery and an entertainer. Approximately 20 people arrived at the graduates home at 7am in order to be ready for a party that started at 11am. Of course not all of the staffing requirements needed to stay for the entire party, but it did require that many hands on board to be ready by 11am.

Does that seem shocking? At the end of the event, everyone comes back and within a couple hours – you’d never know that an event had even happened. Isn’t that the way everyone wants it?

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