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Pro’s & Con’s of short vrs long engagements

Short engagements


  1. There isn’t enough time to get nervous

  2. You don’t have time to overwhelm yourself with too many options or choices

  3. Keeps your wedding more streamlined with less time to overthink and

  4. Helps you to keep your budget under control


  1. Many of the 100s of options available to brides with long engagements will not be available on such short notice; fewer options available to you on a short turn around

  2. Less locations with availability to choose from

  3. You may not get what you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding day

Weddings should be fun - not stressful
Long Engagements


  1. You’ll have more time to make careful selections/ choices to custom create your ideal wedding day

  2. You’ll have every option under the sun available to you; within budget

  3. You’ll be able to have more time to save more money and space out payments to the professionals assisting you in creating your dream wedding


  1. You usually go over budget

  2. Most brides change their mind a couple of times on everything from décor, location, menu, colors and many of the other 100s of choices available to todays brides

  3. You have time to get nervous and as a result; a couple of mild break downs

  4. Parents have time for the realization that their little girl is leaving home

  5. Family and friends will try to talk you out of what you envisioned

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