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What’s does this mean for you? Jennifer decided that she really wanted to be able to offer more custom and personalized service to her clients and as a result decided to go back to school to become a professional trained and certified domestic and international planner and coordinator with décor and floral design. Opening her own company Jennifer Lane Events that specializes in quality custom designed extraordinary Events.

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What does this mean to you? Hiring Jennifer and her company, Jennifer Lane Events…

1. “Frees you” to be able to enjoy the planning experience knowing that you have one of the youngest, highly experienced professionals, in the industry in your corner listening to your dream and helping you to achieve your vision for your day. 2. “Frees your family and friends” from working your fabulous event or wedding and allows them to be able to enjoy the day with you. You’ll have a team of experts and professional staff to handle the details on the day of so you and your family can relax and have fun. 3. With 21 years of hands on experience in this industry we know the secrets to “assist you in getting more bang for your buck.” 4. We “know the quality, reputable vendors that fit your personality, style and budget, helping you to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed.” That’s what you’re paying us for. 5. “You get to make all final decisions and never lose control of your event or wedding.” We work with you as a team, not take over. We take the bulk of the 1200 hours it takes to successfully plan your so you can spend that time doing the things that make you happy. 6. “You have a professional in your corner that knows the tricks and truths about vendors, locations and watches out for you with knowledge, 21 years of hands on experience and by reading the fine print.” 7. You have a “professional designer to assist you in the quality and design of your sensational and memorable décor and floral for your event that will reflect you, your finance or your company. Completely customized to you.” No matter if you are envisioning an intimate affair for 6 or a blow out for a few thousand of your closet friends at home of another amazing location, we can assist you to realize the dream event you’ve been envisioning.

7 costly mistakes made by brides when planning their custom wedding & how to avoid them

1. Not realizing that every one person that is invited to your wedding increases the cost of the wedding by an average of $150. 2. Not reading the fine print such as when payments are due to the location and vendors, if and how much insurance is needed to use a facility. Read the fine print, if this isn't your strong point, hire someone who has this attribute as a strong point. 3. Not true to yourself and trying to make everyone else happy ...ultimately sacrificing their happiness. It's your wedding, you and your finance should be the focal point,it's more of a challenge when parents and grandparents are kicking in funds, and it's totally possible to have your wedding reflect the two of you and still be able to make those close to you feel involved. 4. Having too big of a bridal party . You pay for everyone's flowers and food, then there's the gift for being in your wedding party. A bouquet for a wedding on average is $75 ea. For every 50 guests you should have an attendant.We know it's sometimes difficult to narrow down who will serve in your bridal party and you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, however being aware in advance what the costs are before picking your bridal party is helpful. 5. Backyard verses a hall or wedding venue . Backyard weddings aren't always cost saving...why you have to bring in & rent tables, chairs, tablecloths, dance floor, lighting if it's at night than there is delivery and staff to set up and take down, rental of plates, glass and flat ware, it all adds and in most cases halls and venues, throw these in with the room rental. The bottom line, is that it's not always less expensive to have the back yard wedding, in some cases, it's more expensive. 6. Skimping on the food. Yes food is a big cost. Buffet or station style wedding doesn't mean your guests should be rationed portions of food. Nothing left for second helpings? Time to re-think the menu. What it'll cost you: If you think your future mother-in-law can be a little unpleasant now, just wait until you see her on an empty stomach. Being short on food is a big etiquette no-no. Buffet style dinners are fine, but you need to make sure there is enough food, plates, and napkins to go around. I've been told before by the brides parents that they feel that thefood is costing more than it should and they cut down on the food, only to run out and haveupset guests and fights and arguments on the day of the wedding. How to avoid it: Work with your caterer ahead of time to make sure you have a menu that's within your budget but still allows you to have enough food for everyone. There's no excuse for adding filet mignon if it means you'll have a limited portion. Food is one place where it's best not to cut corners. Instead, try saving in other ways, like by throwing your wedding on a Sunday (cheaper than Saturday) or simply trimming down your guest list. 7. Doing Everything Yourself

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You've started planning a year ahead of time, so you'll definitely have time to do the bouquets, programs, seating cards, invitations, favors, welcome baskets, centerpieces, and guest book sounds plausible.

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What it'll cost you: Slow down there super woman! Wanting to be involved -- really involved -- in planning your wedding is a great idea. Still, you'll want to keep yourself at least a little sane, and you may be surprised at how quickly those months can pass. You don't need the stress of pulling all-nighters the week before the wedding to finish too many projects. Then those projects that aren't done and must be done, that you take to the professionals at the last minute ... cost you double as a rush. How to avoid it: It's simple: Don't bite off more than you can chew. Pick and choose your projects wisely, and be honest with yourself about how much time you have to devote to them. For instance, if you work a 40-hour workweek and want some free time on the weekends, do you really have the discipline to come home every night and work on a few projects? Keep a few DIY projects and leave the rest to the professionals from the beginning. There's so many more things that can cost you dearly, these are just a few.

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