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When do you hire an Event or Wedding planner, consultant & coordinator?

We know that many people and couples would like to be completely involved in their events & weddings. So many people are confused as to what an Event or Wedding planner, consultant & coordinator does. They think that we take control of their event or wedding and it's no longer theirs.

This is simply not true, at least when you work with a professional that keeps theirs clients wants, desire and goals in mind. When you work with a professional, like Jennifer Lane Events & Wedding, we have meetings where we discover what you as the client wants. You as the client make all of the decisions and we do the leg work and attend to details so you can have fun & enjoy the planning time. The best professionals book up quickly, hire a professional planner, consultant & coordinator sooner, rather then later.

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So for what types of events do people hire a planner, consultant & coordinator?

  1. Weddings, all types, sizes & all locations . Why spend 1000 hours trying to plan the most amazing wedding of the year, when you can hire a professional who already has the pull and network team around them to get to the best of the best for the most bang for your buck?

  2. Sweet 16's & Quincearna's. Another opportunity to create the event of the year while giving your child the chance to be the envy of the socialite scene

  3. Kids Parties for ages 10-18 . Why? You want your kids to the envy of the neighborhood and their social network. You also want the memory album to be chocked full of amazing themes and memories that only a professional can pull off with out you having to do all the manpower hours to create the magical special occasion. They'll only have that birthday once in their life. You can't recreate it.

  4. Foundation Functions, Fundraisers & Galas . You're going to the function for a couple reasons. To give to a great cause, yes of course, but its also to be seen. If your planning & decor is lacking it will be noticed.

  5. Anniversary Parties. Your parents and your spouse and of course your self are worth the "extra mile" to ensure that your event is "The one of the Year" that leaves everyone talking about the dazzling memory and love that surrounded the day. Don't take a chance by trying to pull this off as a DIY event.

  6. Engagement Parties . This is your chance to show off the love of your life to all of the other important people in your life. Announcing your love and the excitement and happiness that you have decided to spend the rest of your life together. You would like them to share in the experience with you. It's the prelude to your wedding day. Don't let it fall short, hire a professional, like Jennifer Lane Events to assist you with the dazzling details, time & money savings while showcasing your love.

  7. Award ceremonies . Those receiving the awards worked hard to get to achieve them and you are proud of them. But you also want everyone else to know that they've done an amazing job. Did you know that by hiring a professional, you get more buying power and can show the recipients how much their achievements really mean.

  8. Extravagant Theme Parties & Weddings that will become the Event or Wedding of the year that everyone wishes they could be invited to. Those parties, special occasions & weddings where you want to all out and do something that has never been seen before or is totally exclusive and Media is beating down the door to come and cover. You simply can not do these by your self. You must have the help and guidance of a professional with a team to handle all of the details. Call Jennifer Lane Events & Weddi

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  • Are you planning an event or a wedding?

  • Are you stressed, confused &/or overwhelmed?

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  • Are you unsure of where to begin or how to pull it all together?

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