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Picking out an engagement present can be a tricky task! Take a look at some etiquette to assist in y

Engagements are such happy events in people’s lives! Romantic and full of hope, an engagement party is the kind of event you will definitely want to attend, when invited – and you will surely want to make sure you follow proper etiquette too.

Should you offer an engagement present? If so, what is the most adequate type of gift you can bring for the future bride and groom? We have gathered some tips to assist in your decision – so read on and find out more.

  • Whether or not you are expected to bring a present depends on a series of factors. In general, if the engagement party is an impromptu gathering in a casual place, you will not be expected to bring a gift. You can, but it’s not a must.

  • If the expenses of the engagement party are shared (e.g. you are paying for your drinks and food), you will definitely not be expected to bring a present of any kind. Again, there’s nobody to stop you from bringing a bottle of wine or champagne, but it’s definitely not something you have to do.

  • On the other hand, if you have been invited to an engagement party held at the bride or groom’s home (and organized by one of the mothers), you will most likely be expected to bring a small token. Take a look at the couples’ wedding registry and pick something or simply give them an item they will use in their new home.

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