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Plan your wedding in a way that totally represents you!

Your wedding – now, this is an event you’ve been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl… playing with dolls, dressing up with friends and overall bringing your fairytale to life. How do you plan everything, though? What’s more, how do you do it in a way that truly represents you, who you are as unique individuals and what your love story is all about?

We have gathered some great tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Step 1: The Dream. The moment you say “Yes” is the moment your brain starts to work in “wedding planning mode”. This is a time of big dreams, gathering ideas and seeing what you like (as well as what you don’t like). Enjoy it because it is frequently the most fun part of the entire wedding planning process! Here at Jennifer Lane Events, there is no box that we force you and your event into. Packages are not set in stone and services may be added, so you have free range to plan your dream around your wants and needs. Many of our clients are overwhelmed in this process when they come to us, one of our expertise points is to be able to know who is who in this industry and give you vendor suggestions who align with your vision, personality and budget.

  • Step 2: Narrowing Down. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford include all of your favorite ideas into the Big Day and stay within budget – so it is important to narrow down your wedding’s level of formality, as well as the general style and wedding theme. Take your time – we know making the final call can be quite difficult, but it will be very much worth it! At Jennifer Lane events, meeting in person or by conference call gives us an opportunity to go over many questions to completely grasp your vision and narrow down choices to only your vision, making your trip into the wedding planning process just that much easier!

  • Step 3: The Details. Now that you have your style all set, it is time to think of the details. We strongly advise you to choose a wedding motif to use throughout the entire wedding planning process (from the invitations to the reception itself). This will help your wedding from the initial sneak peek your guests get with the invitations through the overall day of décor look well-pulled together and elegant. The décor is such a big part of the wedding, and many key elements are often missed, this is why a wedding planner and a décor designer are so important in helping to make sure nothing is missed and everything truly represents you as a person. Jennifer Lane Events works with Event Décor Divas to make sure this happens; their motto reflects that your wedding should be an expression of you. That is why they take the time to get to know you and together come up with a theme and use the colors that reflects your personality.

Searching for someone to help you to plan a wedding surrounding who you are as a person, without trespassing your own choices? Contact Jennifer Lane Events and allow us to assist you in planning the most beautiful wedding your guests have ever been to! Contact us, let’s discuss your dream wedding and we will help you make it come true!

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