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Are you planning a fundraising event? Don't forget to include these key elements:

Planning a fundraiser is a great gesture to make if you have a cause you would really love to support. However, same as with every other large event, planning an unforgettable fundraiser will require your attention to detail, dedication and true passion for perfection.

How to do it? How to pull off a fundraiser event guests will always remember? Here are some key elements to consider:

  • Start early. We highly recommend you to start at least six months before the actual fundraiser’s date, so that you have plenty of time to decide on all the details and have things settled.

  • Make it fun. Your fundraiser event should attract as many people as possible – so make it a fun event, in a location guests will be genuinely excited about (e.g. a sports contest, a concert, etc.). Make it the kind of event people actually want to share with their friends and acquaintances and the fundraiser will surely be a great success!

  • Bring in sponsors. To make sure your fundraiser is profitable for your cause, talk to as many potential sponsors as possible. Local businesses, restaurants, the company you work for – they might be more than willing to help out (with money, food, or other items you will need at the event).

  • Bring in volunteers too. You can’t do it all on your own – so talk to people who would be willing to volunteer for your cause. This will save you time, money and, ultimately, it can actually save you from disaster, as you will be able to split the tasks and carefully organize everything.

  • Food is a good idea. Everyone remembers a good dinner, so if you have the opportunity, offer people some delicious food too. Depending on how formal or informal your fundraiser is, you can settle for a seated meal (for the most formal events) or for a buffet (for a more casual happening).

  • Prizes are a great idea too. Want to make people feel excited about the event? Offer them a prize! It doesn’t have to be something very big – but it does have to be something people really want. Talk to your sponsors too and see if they can help you with this, to make the prize as attractive as possible.

Searching for someone to help you plan the perfect fundraising event? Jennifer Lane Events is here for you! We have the experience, the dedication and the eye for detail required to plan events that are flawless from A to Z – and we will make sure your event is exactly as you want it! Contact us and find out more about our services!

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