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If you are planning an event with a large guest list, make sure you take a look at these details

Planning a wedding is never easy – not when you’re planning something low-key and casual and most definitely not when you have a large guest list and hundreds of moving parts either. How to handle it all? What are some of the most important things to know about planning a big wedding, with lots of guests?

We have gathered some tips for you here

  • Enough space. First and foremost, be sure your wedding venue can actually accommodate everyone. There’s absolutely no point in inviting 200 people if you can’t make all of them feel comfortable at your wedding.

  • Leave the favors behind. Yes, they do have a great symbolism for you and your loved one – but guests will be more than happy without the wedding favors too. Instead, use the wedding favors money to add better food, drinks or entertainment to your Big Day.

  • Take time into consideration. Having more guests means that you won’t have too much time for yourselves on your wedding day, since you will have to (try to) spend at least 5 minutes with everyone.

  • 5 minutes, 5 years. Thinking of whether or not it is appropriate to invite someone at your wedding? If you’re not very sure about it, consider the 5 minute rule (if you can’t see yourself spending 5 whole minutes with that person, they should probably not be on your guest list). Also, consider the 5 years rule too (if you haven’t spoken to someone in more than 5 years, they shouldn’t make it on your guest list).

  • Remember the entertainment. We definitely encourage you to bring great entertainment at your wedding – but do remember that it can get messy for 200 people to play around with a DIY bar or to wait in line for the photo booth.

  • A photo booth during cocktail hour or before the ceremony if there is a long wait time before the ceremony is a great idea.

  • A DIY lemonade, iced tea or having a special bar available with a pre-ceremony specialty cocktail is also a great idea for a long pre-ceremony wait time.

  • A magician with a “street performance” type of act is great during pre-ceremony or the cocktail hour.

  • If you’re doing a creative theme for your wedding – having entertainment talent to play off that theme is brilliant.

  • Make it easy for everyone. Depending on where you want to have your wedding, keep in mind that you might have some transportation and accommodation situations on your hands – especially if you plan on inviting a lot of people, if it’s a holiday weekend (drunk driving is especially a concern), if its in the foothills or you know that many of your guests are worried about driving in the dark… then having a limo bus should at minimum be highly considered & really is a necessary item. You should also know that moving 200 people around with public transportation and taxis at the same time can be a burden for a small town and a logistic nightmare even is a big city – so try to find a good solution for this by using a transportation company with buses. Even buses can only move 25 or so people at a time… FYI

Feeling stressed-out? Anxious over the upcoming Big Day? If you want your Big Wedding and if you want it to be flawless, contact Jennifer Lane Events – we will be there to help you throughout the entire wedding planning process, so that you can actually enjoy this special time of your life!

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