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Why planning a corporate event with Jennifer Lane Events is 'da bomb

Make it easy on you and your employees - work with one of our professional and highly experienced event planners. Yes, we have successfully executed some 2600+ events over the years.

You're busy and we don't believe in wasting your time, Obviously we are busy too and don't like to have our time wasted - so we cover the overall event and your desires from the beginning of the event to the end in the first meeting.

This way once you retain our services your plan comes together fast, efficient, on time and in budget.

Once you pay the retainer to hold Jennifer Lane Events, the Party Planner in Denver, services, give us a few days to get all of your wish list together, complete with pricing and options. Together we will go through all of the options. You and your committee will make all decisions to keep you in your budget and give you your desires within your budget. Upon your final choices and approval, your experienced event planner will put all of your decisions in place for you and your group. You and your companies planning committee gets all of the glory - while your unique custom created corporate event is done on time, quickly & efficient, staying in your company's brand, all while staying within your budget!

Yes, of course we can assist you across the nation and internationally for all of your annual event needs, even through we are based in Denver Colorado.

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