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How to avoid wedding drama...

Over the last 26 years, we have discovered a few secrets in how to avoid wedding day drama, we will share them with you in the next couple paragraphs.

First: Hire a month of Wedding Coordinator. Why, you ask, they are expensive and surely I can save some money.

I promise, this expense is NOT a waste of your money. A month of wedding coordinator will step in, look at your vendor and venue contracts, create a timeline for your approval and then distribute the timeline, touch base with all your vendors and that timeline will synchronize every moment of the day to avoid unnecessary drama. If you decide not to bring on a professional to assist you in the pre-planning, don’t miss this step. FYI – this is not the person you want to hide details from, they need to be in on all of the secrets and planned surprises for your day as they are the ones to be in the background making sure that they happen as you have planned! Think of this person as your personal Broadway Play producer to make the magic happen.

In addition, this professional will be there to run rehearsal, and be there on the day of to run all of the days activities, coordinate vendors arrivals and departure, ensure that all of the details you’ve specified are correct; leaving you & your close family to relax and prepare for the big moment in peace; knowing that you have a professional to handle the details on your behalf according to your vision.

Second: Assign family members who want to be involved or can be problematic a job.

This would be siblings, aunts, uncles and other well meaning family members that want to help but are not understanding your vision. Putting these individuals in charge of things like: picking up the snacks for getting ready, taking your gifts to your designated area at the end of the night, in charge of the guest book, being ushers, taking flowers from the ceremony site to specific places at the reception, readings in the ceremony, etc. i.e. you need to be specific as to what their role is, such as (remember please & thank you will go along way in keeping the peace) “Aunt Belle, Please take the flowers from the ceremony to the reception hall and place them as the centerpieces on the guest tables. If you have questions when you get there, please look for my wedding coordinator, Jennifer Lane Events, their team is dressed in black suits.”, for example.

Third: Bringing two families together for a wedding can be very stressful on a couple. How to ease this stress is to have rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner where you do something fun & unexpected.

This gathering is usually casual and laid back. The people who should be invited to this event are your entire wedding party, both sets of parents, (including divorced parents, if you have them), grandparents, out of town guests and those who anticipate to create drama; this way they can get it out of their system before your big day.

Some ideas for this intimate event are:

  • Do burgers, brats and games at a park;

  • Go go-cart racing and eat there;

  • Take a party bus and head to a location; something like the Wild Animal Preserve, the zoo, Blackhawk, a tour of the foothills/ mountains;

  • Do a henna party;

  • Go to an amusement park; or

  • Go zip line or bungee jumping.

This gives everyone an experience together that they can build from and reduces unnecessary friction.

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