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Top 5 DIY bride mistakes that cost big money – which you can avoid

1. Having too many DIY projects from Pinterest & Instagram

This can cost you big time money, not to mention tons of time, which you can spend doing things you really like to do.Trying to get it to look just like the picture and not being able to find the exact items necessary to make it stay, hold it upright, having to purchase the right tools, having to remake the items multiple times over, running out of time to get all of the projects done & then having to find a professional at the last minute to help you get them done.Hiring a professional at the beginning, who already owns all of the right tools & has the staff to get the complicated projects done on time, means you only have to pay for it once.

  1. Not sure which vendors are giving you the best deals, and therefore fall prey to the family / family friend.

I can’t count how many times the “family / family friend” has ruined an event or wedding.The couple in an effort to save money decides to have a family member or a family friend do a service for their wedding such as the photography, the video or the DJ work.

I can count on one hand how many times this turned out well out of 7,600 events over 25 years.The $350-$500 saved when you use the family/ family friend ruins wedding days, ruins friendships and divides families.It’s not worth that few hundred dollars of savings. Instead trust your wedding planner and mentor to get you the best deals from a professional that will show up on time, do the job, and will leave you happy and you get the results you’re dreaming of.After all, that is what the experienced wedding planner is there for.

  1. Overwhelmed with costs, confused as to what steps to do first, and ready to cry from the stress.

This results in two things:

  • The procrastinating couple. Waiting until the last minute to get their venue, their photographer, the videographer, forgetting to let the photographer know that you changed the venue after you signed their contract. (Yes, that’s happened!) So has forgetting to tell the bar tending service that your dad wants to have the bar opened before the ceremony for your guests and you’ve signed the contract for the bartender having them arrive at the end of cocktail hour. Equally disastrous is finally giving the day of coordinator the requested info a few days before your wedding, this really needs to be 30 days in advance. These are all things that happen when you procrastinate and don’t have a professional wedding planner or at minimum a day of coordinator helping you will all of the details to ensure it doesn’t! Day of coordination, by the way, should begin a minimum of 30 days before your wedding day to keep these issues at bay.

  • The overachieving couple. You just got engaged, and you’re off to the races planning with your team of bridal party babes. You’re being offered every idea, concept, vision imaginable by your helpers and you’re making vendor and venue appointments for every night of the week for 3 months. After hearing all of the options, you’re thoroughly confused and now have no idea as to what you actually want, but you know what’s sitting in front of you on the floor and your bottle wine isn’t what you had in mind at all and worse, you can’t remember who you talked to who said they could get you what you think you want. Now it’s time to call in the expert wedding planner to weed through your paper, your Pinterest board and get to what your heart wants.

Yes, this is still an option at this point and the expert wedding planner knows which vendors can deliver on what they promise and are in the know for the best deals so you can have your vision for your wedding day.A great wedding planner is worth their weight in gold!

  1. Do you feel like you’re all alone in the planning process?

This happens a lot.You first get engaged and everyone is there for you.However, a few weeks in your bridesmaids and mom are at each other’s throats or have gone back to their routine lives, and your fiancée only cares about what meat and liquor is being served and nothing is getting accomplished.Worse yet, you feel stuck.It’s time to call in the big guns.Yes, I’m talking about the professional expert planner.Not only can the expert wedding planner get to the bottom of your desires, narrow down the budget and can help you get all of the decisions into a nice neat package so it’s easy to make decisions, but will also get you the best deals and they’ll back you up, reassuring you and your decisions when those unsupportive “supporters” come to bash your vision.

  1. Thinking you can save money if you don’t do a rehearsal / rehearsal dinner.

Over and over, it’s been my experience that when rehearsal is skipped that we will have wedding day mishaps. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married before and you know how it works. Even these will have issues.Things such as walking back up the aisle before being pronounced as husband/ wife, as forgetting to complete the ring exchange and the pastor saying the wrong name for the couple getting married, yes, I’ve seen these all happen.Yes, you can save money by not doing a rehearsal dinner. This little pre-event is meant to get family members who may not know each other or those who are coming in from out of state together to meet so the wedding day isn’t awkward.Inexpensive ways to solve this may be: BBQ at home or the park, doing this event as pot luck, or having it is more of a mid-day event that happens before rehearsal.

You can have the perfectly coordinated wedding at the DIY cost when you hire Jennifer Lane Events, Denver Colorado, for hourly assistance for pre-planning or for day of coordination.

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