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Wedding Planning Secrets

Every decision effects something else.

Yes, It's true, every decision you make while planning your wedding affects something else (including your pocket book) for your wedding. You choose the venue, but they don't include linens or the tableware and they have an on site venue coordinator to handle elements related to the venue and your event but not a day of wedding coordinator to handle your needs. Now you'll need to rent linens and tableware and you need to find a day of coordinator to assist you on the day of so you can have the wedding day you desire and spend it with your family & friends instead of having them set up, do your centerpieces, help you get dressed, find out why the cater hasn't arrived yet and where the liquor delivery is.

You decide on a caterer, but they don't offer licensed and insured bar tending services and therefore, now you'll need to hire an outside company to bar tend. You decide on a hotel for your out of town guest block but they don't have a van to get your guests from the hotel to the venue and back.

Well you're in luck, as expert wedding planners, Jennifer Lane Events has all of this knowledge and knows which vendors deliver on their word, passes on deals from vendors and venues so you can get more & do more while staying in budget.

Not officially reserving your favorite vendor

Talking to a vendor and telling them you want to work with them, but not putting down a retainer & signing a contract, means you really haven't hired them. Some vendors can do several events in one day without the quality of the event suffering, such as florists, bakeries, stationary professionals (for place cards and escort cards), however, most wedding professionals, such as your day of coordinator their average wedding day is a minimum of 12 hours on your wedding day, the photographer and the videographer giving their all to get you the best of the best photos and then spending hours on end afterwards to edit and give you their best, the DJ at most can only do 2 events in one day with set up and down. The bottom line, if you want to work with your favorite vendor, get a contract and a retainer paid to them to hold the date.

Be original

No one wants to show up on their wedding day and have guests say, "omg, I saw that on Pinterest." Blah! Pinterest and Instagram, I have a love - hate relationship with. Great for getting ideas however, you find all of the time where brides and sometimes grooms want to match perfectly to what they see in a certain picture. Well folks, that's next to impossible. The lighting will be a little off, the fabric isn't the exact same fabric. My favorite is when a client has on their board 3-4 different styles going on and they want them all. (Should of have a V-8 with some vodka, here.) Help your decorator with what from these pics you like, don't like from these pics so they they can create a style just for you that blends the best elements of these pics & makes it original, just like you! Also, sometimes your decorator has 2 -3 brides wanting the same look in different locations (when lucky, the same location on the same weekend) and can offer this custom look for the 3 of you at a discounted price if you all use the same items. Ask your event planner or custom wedding decorator about it.

Not understanding the difference between cost verses quality.

So I can't stress this enough - you hear all of the time quality of life not quantity of days. So its the same with your wedding. Everyone wants to keep things reasonable, which is different number for everyone. However, choosing the lowest price usually means you're going to get shoddy quality. Now it doesn't always happen, but I'd say an easy 90% of the time, that is what that means.

Meaning: do you just want someone there to handle big details, make sure you make it down the aisle, and that the cake showed up or do you want an experienced professional to handle the big and small details of the entire day, there from the beginning of the day for set up through clean up, so you can relax, have fun with your family/ friends, be the go between for stupid questions and have the flawless and stress free wedding day you've been dreaming of?

Finally, not taking advantage of the assets at your disposal.

Wedding planners, such as Jennifer Lane Events in Denver Colorado do their packages as hourly assistance, that means you only pay for what you really need. What does that really mean, you don't have to purchase a $3500+ package through another event planner and only use 1/2 of that package or really want some elements offered only in the $7,500 wedding planning package and can only afford the $3,500 package and upset that you can't have everything you really want. That;s no way to plan to a wedding. You should be able to use a professional to assist you to get exactly what you want, quickly, easily and set up a payment plan for you to get what you want. Then you handle everything you want to so you can save money where you can or want to. Then to have the step in to assist you in having the flawless wedding day you desire and deserve.

Jennifer Lane Events offers *Proposals *Engagement parties *Bridal Showers *Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties *Rehearsal * Wedding Planning (all of Colorado, National & Destination weddings) *Day of Coordination (Starts 30 days before the wedding)

Our 7,600 clients claim our services are…

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