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How to have a magical Bat or Bar Mitzvah

Choose a theme that thrills your son. Many times your son loves several things like skiing, laser tag, science experiments or camping and adventure; trying to pinpoint one can be hard. If you can afford it and you’re doing the Friday dinner, the main event on Saturday and then the brunch on Sunday, perhaps you can incorporate at least a couple of your sons passions throughout the weekend.

This Magical Mitzvah theme was candy land

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Checklist and Timetable

Make sure to plan early for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Pick your preferences for a date and finalize after Okaying with important guests, locations, or Rabbi/Cantor

Start a notebook/ file

folder to hold all of your planning notes for all of the details you need to organize


Eighteen Months Before Event:

  • Decide on the type of event you want (day, evening, formal etc.).

  • For summer events

  • check “sun down” times, this might affect your preferences of booking the synagogue or an

  • outside banquet facility.

  • Prepare a preliminary guest list and budget.

  • Estimate number of guests and investigate size or limitations to the reception hall or caterer.

Discuss your child’s interests in a Mitzvah project.

An early start on the project will allow your child a more meaningful & elaborate effort. It may also help shape a theme for the event and allow your student more time to study for the ceremony when the date gets closer.

Twelve Months:

  • Meet with a party planner, such as Jennifer Lane Events in Denver, just because we advise 12 months, a great event planner such as Jennifer Lane Events can help you where ever you are in the planning process and assist you through the finish line!

  • Investigate your party theme (this may affect your banquet room choice)

  • Investigate & book banquet facility and/or caterer

  • Investigate & book your band or DJ

  • Investigate & book the photographer/ video photographer

Six Months Before Event:

  • Meet with a party planner, such as Jennifer Lane Events in Denver

  • Make arrangements for any special tutoring your child may need to learn his/her Torah portion.

  • Arrange for out -of –town guest accommodations

  • Decide on your party theme & color scheme.

  • Talk to florists about prices and floral designs

  • Decide on centerpieces/balloon designs/prop designs

  • Start looking at invitation designs and prices

  • Create a guest list with complete and current mailing addresses

  • Start shopping for outfits for all the weekend events (Friday night services,

  • Saturday morning services/kiddush, Saturday evening services if needed)

Three Months Before Event:

  • Meet with a party planner, such as Jennifer Lane Events in Denver

  • Order your invitations.

  • Order or design your sign -in board and guest book

  • Order party favors.

  • Order personalized kippot, party favors, & napkins so they arrive in time

  • Confirm menu/wine and other beverages

  • Talk to reception site/caterer, and re

  • serve any additional rental items you will need

  • Finalize the guest list.

  • Send out 'Save the Date' cards, especially for out of town guests

  • Make a hotel packet for out -of-towners.

  • Make appointments with florist/balloonist and place order.

  • Try to make your final selections on clothing and accessories.

  • Buy stamps.

  • Have completely assembled invitations weighed to ensure correct postage.

  • Have your event planner set up the calligrapher, if desired.

Six to Eight Weeks Before Event:

  • Mail the invitations.

  • If you choose to do a Havdalah service or a cake cutting ceremony, select who you will be calling up, and write a nice introduction about each of them.

  • Make up a song for the band.

  • Develop a timetable for your reception – entertainment, banquet hall, caterer

  • If you’re planning on bringing kids to the party make sure you start to arrange transport

One Month Before Event:

  • Meet with a party planner, such as Jennifer Lane Events in Denver

  • Talk to your rabbi about final timeline and final details of the services

  • Sit down with your child's tutor and make sure they are ready for their big day, take this last

  • month to narrow down on any trouble spots they may have.

  • Begin working on seating arrangements with reception site, have them provide you with a diagram of the room, and table placements.

  • Make sure arrangements are complete with centerpieces, napkins, balloons, sign -in board etc.

  • Place announcement in synagogue bulletin and American Jewish World

  • Make a hotel welcome packet for out -of –town guests that could include: itinerary, directions, brochure of things to do, etc.

  • Make hair stylist and manicure appointments.

  • Have final fittings done for clothing

  • Arrange catering for brunch

  • Arrange catering for brunch

  • Write prayers or speeches.

  • Two to Three Weeks Before Event:

  • Your child's and your speeches should be complete at this time so you may polish their delivery

  • Choose people for aliyot and honors.

  • Choose the people to be honored if you have a candle lighting ceremony

  • and write poems

  • Connect with DJ about last minute instructions, music requests, & candle lighting songs.

  • Develop seating arrangements

  • Order food for Kiddush or One Shabbat

  • Call guests who haven’t responded

  • Give final instructions for photographer/videographer

  • Finalize seating arrangements and have place cards printed

  • Review your service contracts, get payments in order for all hires

  • Make sure suits, gowns and shoes all fit, and are pressed and ready to wear

One Week Before Event:

  • Meet with a party planner, such as Jennifer Lane Events in Denver

  • Take formal pictures and pictures on Bimah.

  • Confirm final guest count with caterer. Confirm set -up instructions and menu items

  • Give decorator, or florist, final number of tables for centerpieces

  • Make arrangements to get your guests from the airport to the hotel.

  • Bring welcome baskets to the hotels where your guests are staying.


  • the exact timeline of all events (point out any changes) with all or your reception providers.

  • Go through responsibilities with your friends and family involved. Choose one person to make sure

  • your timeline is followed throughout your event and to greet the reception providers.

  • Confirm your hair and makeup appointments

  • Confirm your brunch arrangements

  • Make final seating adjustments

The Day of the Event:

  • Event planner will be on site hours early

  • Make sure you and your child get a good night’s sleep and have a good breakfast

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready

  • Remember matches or lighter for candle lighting

  • Relish the “joy” of your Simcha and relax

  • Don’t forget to praise and support the Bar/Bat Mitzvah through out the whole day for their fine job and incredible effort

Decisions to be made, will you be including any of these elements, if so... what inspires you? This is where your custom decorator, such as Event Decor Divas comes in.

The main Dinner

Entrance Area Décor

Welcome Sign


Life size cutout with welcome speech bubble

Board/Book

Board or 3D Sign-in book

Balloons at the sign in area

Pens for the board or book

Seating Card Area

Seating Cards

Seating Card Sign

Balloons at the seating card table


Adult Centerpieces

Kids Centerpieces

Table Numbers


Napkin Rings

Votive Candles


Personalized Cameras

Bar/Buffet Area

Menu signs

Buffet Signs

Balloon arches over each buffet

DJ Area

DJ Sign

Balloon towers on either side of band/DJ


Ceiling Treatment

Cocktail Napkins

Photo Op



Dance floor Giveaways

Personalized Favors

Personalized Favor Tags



Magician / additional entertainment

Balloon Sculptor

Tattoo artist

Other _______________________________

Other things during the weekend:

Out of town guests

Out of town guest/ group activities or tours?


Thank you Notes

Welcome Baskets




Shabbat Dinner décor/location

Welcome sign



Kiddush Luncheon décor/location



Other _______________________________________

Sunday Brunch



Other _______________________________________

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