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Necessary wedding planning considerations you haven’t thought of

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When I sit down with a couple it never fails, I will bring up a question that makes them say, “Huh, I hadn’t thought of that, good point, we should go with your suggestion.”

Some of those things are…

Long wait times to use the restroom.

My client will say, “It’s a great venue, everything we want for our 200 person wedding reception in the middle of no where since we want to celebrate until dawn.” My response is “Great. So, you have 200 people coming, how many bathrooms/ bathroom stalls are there?” Their response, “2 stalls per bathroom. 4 toilets total.” My response is, “are you alright with your guests spending 45 mins to an hour and a half in line to use the restroom?” Of-course their response is no. Solution, bringing in a restroom trailer with six flushable toilets and sinks with running water so guests only have to spend 10-15 minutes in line to use the restroom.

We are trying to save money - everyone is.

Everyone is shocked at the sticker price for a wedding. Weddings on average in Denver Colorado is $45,000-$85,000 for 150 people. Clients will tell me that they think it is tacky to have a cash bar so they want to do a hosted bar for beer and wine only for their five hour reception. Sure, that helps to keep the overall cost down especially if you only do house products and not top shelf. However, then the client will tell me for the food, they were thinking a Charcuterie and cheese board for the main food offered. Worst idea ever! This opens you up for your friends and family to get DUIs when leaving your wedding. This only works if your reception is from 1:30pm-4pm. If your reception is going to be over a meal time such as lunch or a dinner and you’re trying to save money, you really need to do something like a pasta bar, a slider bar, mashed potato bar, and mac-n-cheese bar so the food is heavier and soaks up the alcohol. Don’t give your friends and family DUIs to remember your wedding by.


My least favorite is describing your vision as simple. Please stop doing this to your vendors. What is simple to me, is considered elaborate by over half the world. What the last five individuals who told me simple really meant, once I finally got them to explain to me their vision, I wondered why they were bothering with anything at all. Not just simple but sad and even depressing for a funeral. Please explain your vision as something along the line of: “I am wanting an arrangement like a bud vase and 3-5 flowers with some greenery in the colors of…” This way of explaining your vision is so much better then “saying simple”.

Doing it yourself.

First, we no longer work with clients who are trying to do everything themselves for several reasons, unless they are bringing us in for month of coordination to rectify all of the following. First, three-fourths of the way through the planning process they realize this is a lot of work and are overwhelmed with many things not getting done. Second, things fall through the cracks such as not paying final payments and vendors not arriving for lack of payment, not getting to their vendors a complete time line that doesn’t have any holes in it, not having a floor plan, having too many “volunteers” to assist who don’t know what they need to do, missing important load in-out details, locations and addresses. Third, not having a rehearsal for their wedding. Another issue that results in un-necessary hick ups on the wedding day. Last, but not least, using volunteers instead of a hired crew to clean up and pack out all items by the required time at the end. Your guests/ volunteers are usually tipsy at best and forgets that they have a duty to do. There is no other way to say it, this becomes a mess.

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