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Here at Jennifer Lane Events, we never want to be in the news for planning or coordinating an event where guests got Covid-19, and you as our client and your guests safety are always our biggest concern. Of course we are known for creating extraordinary events, and we will continue to create them, once we are allowed to by the State of Colorado, however, we all know, that all of us are itching to get out and about, see our friends, family and start jumping starting work with networking events and conferences …. That said, we need to be safe, so we will be more than happy to create your extraordinary event with a few extra safety items included.

  1. Events of a smaller number

Or same number of guests of our usual events, but held in much larger facilities to ensure that there is a 6-10 foot space between people.

2. Hand shakes are not recommended, but we are creative and can come up with another greeting that makes you & your guests feel welcome.

Hugs are definitely not recommended, which is hard, since I am a hugger.

3. When one of these options are not available, doing your event virtual

  • Providing masks

  • Providing hand sanitizer stations

  • Disinfecting venue space, linens, decor and props etc before and after the event

  • Ensure that staffing is not sick and has not been around someone who has

  • Making sure that there are ways to wash hands for 20 seconds while at the event

  • Taking everyone’s temp upon arrival

  • Having waivers for guests to sign

4. Sit down meals for you & your guests, instead of having 8-10 people per large round table, we suggest no more than 4 people per table. Yes, there’s a lot of extra unused space this way, but, the goal is not to send anyone home sick.

5. Is this the new normal? It is true that events and night life probably won’t return to normal until a vaccine is produced and available to the public. In that aspect, however, we can make sure that you and your guests are safe.

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