Download Planning Packages & Questionniare

Everything we do is completely custom.  There is no box that we force you & your event into. Packages are not set in stone and may increase or decrease based upon your needs.  In order to give you complete pricing for your entire event, we will need to talk with you & those who are assisting you with the decision making.  We call it playing 20 to 121 questions, we want to make sure that your vision is completely nailed and we accurately understand your needs and desires for your custom celebration.  Please complete the Planning questionnaire and choose the planning package of your choice.   When we meet in person or by conference call, there will be more questions we cover to completely grasp your vision and narrow down choices to only your vision.

 Social Event Planning Packages

Hourly only / 10 hour minimum

$100   Jennifer Lane

$45     Assistant. (Req'd event attendance over 75 people)